Mantas 15.07.2018 / 13:34
Love it. Great performance in Kaunas. Thank you guys You are amazing
Ieva 15.07.2018 / 11:58
Thank you for amazing performance in Kaunas, Lithuania during aviation festival. The crowd was mesmerized!!!
Agne 14.07.2018 / 22:28
Thank you for spectacular show today in Kaunas in aviation show! it was breath taking! hope to see you, Baltic Bees, again!
Jonas 14.07.2018 / 22:04
Thank you for an amazing show in Kaunas, Lithuania! It was spectacular. Keep going, guys.
Viviana Maria Negru 24.06.2018 / 09:40
Thank you for the perfect show that you have performed yesterday evening in Timisoara Airport,Romania!!! I hope i will see you also the next year in Timisoara Air Show2019!!! Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!
Marco Bardazzi 04.06.2018 / 14:14
I flew with you guys on Saturday June 2nd in Rimini and it was an amazing experience. G force feeling was really experienced and I enjoy a lot the aerobatic flight formation. I'm ultralight pilot but fly with military jet is of another world and make me happy a lot. Thanks also to my pilot Artyom that was an amazing guy explaining me everything during the flight. Good job and with you all the best for the future.
Mike 06.01.2018 / 18:32
How a great air show you did!
Mike 06.01.2018 / 16:56
daz roberts 11.11.2017 / 00:44
A little late leaving this comment. Just wanted to say thanks for taking part in the Jersey air display this year. Would love to see you back again, you guys did a great job !! : )
ouyang 07.11.2017 / 16:43
Thanks a lot for your fantastic perfomance in Wuhan,Welcome you visit Wuhan again!



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