Kacper 30.10.2017 / 16:02
You are fantastic! The best show I've ever seen!- Air Show Radom!
Victor/Виктор 08.10.2017 / 05:54
So glad that I meet you guys again after MAKS-2017(Moscow).This time in Sichuan China.During Sichuan International Aviation&Aerospace Exhibition 2017. Had a wonderful chat with the crew,they are so friendly,willing to share experience.I took a lot of pictures of the team(Jets&Pilots),willing to share.Hope to see you guys again. Давай!До свидания!
我行我素 02.10.2017 / 14:17
China friend 02.10.2017 / 08:24
welcome to China.welcome to sichuan.wonderful show.
Francis 01.10.2017 / 19:06
Thx 4 spreadin’ happiness here and welcome to SC.Maybe you didn’t feel that we admired you because of the difference of culture. But you have to believe the huge effect that you did. We guys are stirred which was remarkable.And hope to see you guys soon!
Danya 22.09.2017 / 21:34
Just refueled your planes KSM, KSL in Almaty, have a good rest and good luck in China. Hope to see your perfomance life in Almaty someday.
Marc 18.09.2017 / 08:22
Wonderful show ! Thank you ! from Laval
David 15.09.2017 / 12:40
I just wanted to say you guys did a great job closing the show at yesterday's Jersey International Air Display - given the force 5-6 winds you were flying in you managed to pull off a whole bunch of manoeuvres that I did not think you would have been able to do, and you made the entire event a lot more enjoyable for your having been there, so thank you ! :)
Daimon 15.09.2017 / 00:01
Thank you for coming to Jersey..... Great show...
Gary 14.09.2017 / 23:51
Great show today in Jersey. Very difficult for you with such poor weather but nevertheless you did some great stuff . Please come back!!



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